Warmoth Telecaster

Maker: Me

Bought as Parts from: Warmoth

Comments: This is my second generation home-assembled Telecaster. My first one was put together from used parts I got on Ebay. Before that I had an early 70's Fender Tele I never got into for some reason.

The neck, body, and most of the hardware are from Warmoth in Washington state. They are a Fender licensee, so their parts are totally compatible with and the same shapes as actual Fender parts.

This guitar has a hollow swamp-ash body with a quilt maple top, and a quater-sawn maple 24.75 scale neck. I finished the neck, stained and finished the body, and did the final assembly. One of the advantages of a self-assembled instrument like this is that you get exactly what you want, both in terms of features and cosmetics. The disdavantage is in resale value. This guitar is lovely and light, and so far, I'm delighted with how it looks and sounds.

As the picture shows, the quilt maple top is very attractive. Click here to see the back -- the swamp ash grain is equally lovely.