2000 Victoria 50212-T (Low Power Twin)

Maker: Victoria Amp Company

Bought From: A Private Party

Comments: The Victoria Amp Company is primarily known for making totally faithful replicas of the Fender amplifiers of the 1950s. These amps were covered with a patterned tweed like cloth, and so the amps have come to be known as "Tweed" amps.

I cannot begin to fully articulate my total admiration for Leo Fender, who is responsible for so much incredible musical equipment, including these Tweed amps, as well as the blonde/brown amps of the early 60's and the blackface amps of the mid-sixties. He is also responsible for the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars. After CBS bought out Fender, Leo went on to found Music Man and later G&L, both of which companies produced highly regarded gear.

But, I digress. I also am in awe of Mark Baier, who makes Victoria amps. My example, a 50212, is a replica of what is informally called a "Low-power" Twin. The original was produced between 1955-57. Do not be mislead by this name to think this amp is not loud. It is a VERY loud 45-50 watt amp, powered by 2 6L6's. The name exists to contrast it with the later "high power" Twin which was made between 1958 -1960 and is powered by FOUR 6L6's, resulting in a deafening 80-ish watts. Victoria makes a replica of this model as well should you be hard of hearing or regularly need to perform in the Grand Canyon.

My Vic is meticulously made (by hand, as all are Vics) and sounds divine, with whatever guitar is put through it. I did swap out the original speakers with 1962 Jensen P12N Alnicos, a change which I think Mark would approve of. It sounded great with the original speakers, but the P12Ns sound even better.

Compared to other so-called "boutique" amps, the Victorias are very reasonably priced. In fact, in inflation-adjusted dollars, they hardly cost more than the originals did back in the 50s.