Two Rock Custom Reverb

Maker: K & M Analog Designs

Bought From: Ebay

Comments: Two-Rock is one of a number of boutique amp makers (including Fuchs) that owes a great deal to the legendary Dumble design. Like these others, it features cascading gain stages to generate overdriven tone. The Dumble approach places the additional gain stages after the tone stack -- wheras the Mesa Boogie approach is to add the additional gain stages before the tone stack. The potential disadvantage of the Dumble/Two-Rock/Fuchs approach is that with only one set oftone controls, it may not be possible top dial in both overdriven and clean tones that sound good. Newer Boogie designs -- such as the Lonestar -- have separate tone stacks for clean and overdrive channels. This issue has yet to present a problem for me, however.

The Two-Rock does a very nice job of copping Robben Ford and Larry Carlton-esque tones, which is what the Dumble is so well known for. Two-Rock is the choice of a number of well-known players including John Mayer, Joe Bonnamassa and Steve Kimock.