2003 Traxler Bluescaster

Maker: T-Bone Traxler

Bought From: Ebay

Comments: I got this guitar at the start of 2004 for a few reasons: I've been wanting a flamey maple-topped guitar for a while, I really like the basic Telecaster guitar shape and I really like P-90 pickups. Anderson, Suhr, and Grosh make some breathtakingly beautiful instruments in this vein, like the Anderson Cobra and the Grosh Carved-top custom. Of course, the prices for these BOOTEEK makers' guitars are even more breathtaking than their appearance.

So, while keeping my eye on Ebay, this guitar turned up. The maker is located in western Ohio. The prior owner, a truly excellent chap, had won the guitar in a raffle. For whatever reason, he decide to sell, and I was fortunate enough to win the auction.

Click here for a closer view of the body/top.