Early 70's Fender Telecaster

Maker: Fender

Bought From: Pittsburgh Guitar

5 Second summary: Bright and twangy.

Comments: I bought my Tele back in the early 80's for about $250 bucks. It was pretty well beat up, although less than 10 years old at the time. It had been previously been owned by a guitarist with a punk-rock band called "The Puke".

I don't think this period was Fender's "golden age" and this instrument is rough in a few ways. I've mucked around with a Schecter replacement bridge and a Dean Markley stacked humbucker, but have since put back the original Fender bridge and put in some noiseless Fender pickups. I really have had a tough time making it sound good, and I know lots of poeple (Roy Buchanan, Joe Walsh, Albert Lee, and others) make them sound great. I think the solo on "Midnight at the Oasis" is a Tele. I'm starting to have some better luck recently and will probably be using it more.