VHT Pittbull 45


Bought From: Private Parties

Comments: The Pittbull is a two-channel amp -- one clean, one "drive". It's not super high-gain; it's more of a classic rock/blues amp. It runs four EL84 power tubes. To get 45 watts out of these, it must push them pretty hard. The EL84 has become quite popular again in recent years -- it's got a great clean tone and overdrives very nicely. It was the tube in the classic Vox amps like the AC-30 used by the Beatles and other British invasion groups.

The 2X12 speaker cabinet was made by a small boutique maker in Oklahoma, I believe. It's incredibly well made, and is currently loaded with a pair of Jensen reissue C-12Ns which I had lying around. Sounds pretty good, but I might need to experiment a bit there.

The head and cabinet make a remarkably well-matched set cosmetically, though that was pure luck.