2009/10 Gibson Les Paul by Bill Nash

Maker: Gibson & Bill Nash Guitars

Bought From: Guitars 'n' Jazz

Comments: a Gibson Les Paul that was redone by Nash Guitars in Washington State. I will not go into what he does — you can read that for yourself here. Suffice it here to say that these are real Gibson Les Pauls that they purchase and then completely make over. Like his Fender-style models, the Les Pauls are “aged” and so look like a well-used vintage instrument.

The Gibson pickups are replaced with a Dimarzio Bluesbucker in the Neck position and Air Norton in the bridge position. Nash also has an innovative wiring scheme for coil-tapping. When a pickup’s tone control is at 9 or 10, the pickup is in single coil mode, otherwise it's humbucking.

These guitars are an excellent way to get a top notch Les Paul.