2000 Dr. Z Maz Jr. 18-watt


Bought From: eBay

Comments: I bought this off eBay in April of 2003. For some time I've been looking for a "Strat" and "Tele" amp. While the Twin Reverb has a great clean sound, and the Victoria sounded pretty good with my Strat, I had yet to find an amp that gave me a great sound with both of my Fender guitars. I think this one is it. This is an 18-watt head. What you also see in the picture is a 1-12" cabinet, made by Avatar in Idaho. Check them out, they have phenomenal prices. The cabinet is loaded with a Celestion G12H30, the speaker recommended by Dr. Z. himself. At home I run the Maz through a Weber MASS, which is a power attenuator, necessary for use of the Maz at a reasonable volume. Don't ever think 18 watts isn't loud.