Mesa Boogie Lonestar

Maker: Mesa Boogie

Bought From: Ebay

Comments: A summer ago I briefly owned a Lonestar Special Head. At the time I was really looking for a Larry Carlton/Robben Ford type of fusion amp that had a singing lead tone. I really liked the LLS, but it struck me as "rootsier". So at the time I decide to go with the Two-Rock Custom Reverb, which does the LC/RF thing beautifully -- not surprising given that it's based on the Dumble approach.

However, it wasn't ideal for the grittier trio stuff I am doing as on the Just the Three of Me CD. It was a bit too compressed and refined.

I figured a Lonestar would fit the bill, so I got myself another. This is the higher powered regular version, although it is one of the newer ones with the 10 watt pure class A option.

So far, it seems to be doing what I hoped.