2005 German Vasquez Rubio Studio

Maker: German Vasquez Rubio

Bought From: Guitars International

Comments: Acquired in March of 2005. G.V.Rubio is a Spanish maker based in California. The studio model is a mid-price-range instrument, not high-end concert quality. The price is kept reasonable mainly by the use of less expensive tonewoods. The top is western red cedar (quite lovely and close-grained) and the back and sides are Palo Escrito, also known as Mexican Rosewood. However, all woods are solid and the guitar is totally hand-made. The finish is lacquer rather than the French Polish of Shellac one would expect on a concert-caliber guitar. Overall, the workmanship is outstanding. In keeping with my preferences, this guitar was ordered with a short scale (630mm/24.74"), a narrow nut (48mm/1.75") and a slightly smaller body.

The tone, even early in its life, is strong and sweet. Click here to see the back.