2003 Gretsch 6120 DS

Maker: Gretsch

Bought from: Warp Drive

Comments: No stable of electric guitars is really complete without at least one Gretsch. Their instruments are almost iconic -- widely used in country music, very closely associated with Chet Atkins, and of course, George Harrison in the early days of the Beatles. They have also been used by other artists as varied as Steve Stills, Brian Setzer, Sal Salvador, Pete Townsend, and last & least -- the Monkees.

This particular model is a recreation of a 1950's era guitar. It features single coil "Dynasonic" pickups, orginally made by DeArmond.

This model was my choice because of my ever-growing preference for single coil over humbucking pickups, which for a Gretsch means FilterTrons. Also adding to the appeal of these guitars is the Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, essentially unchanged since the 50's.

These new Gretsch guitars offer incredible workmanship, playability, and overall quality. And, of course, a distinctive sound.