1996 Gibson ES-175

Maker: Gibson

Bought From: Ebay

Comments: I really like the 16", 24.75" scale Gibson Archtops. I already have two, the L-4CES and L-4C. The somewhat iconic Gibson ES-295, played by Scotty Moore with Elvis, is also this same form factor. The ES-295 is also of exactly the same construction as an ES-175: a laminated maple body with a 1-piece mahogany neck. The L-4's have carved, solid spruce tops.

I got this particular guitar not because I wanted another jazz archtop. I am very happy with my two L-4's and Orchid. Rather, I wanted to try for a slightly meatier sound for my power trio stuff. Again, not that I am unhappy with my Starfire, which I have been using for this purpose, but I did want to see.

The requirements were that the ES-175 have P-90s (which unaffordable early 50's versions have) and occasional new ones have. Typically they come with humbuckers. A Bigsby was also a requirement, although making that swap with the stock tailpeice is not a big deal -- and I did exactly that here.

This particular guitar has had some prior surgery -- the P-90s are not original, and the pickguard is relocated to make room for them. All the work seems to have been done very nicely, however.

So far it seems to be doing what I hoped.