2000 Victoria 20112 (Tweed Deluxe)

Maker: Victoria Amp Company

Bought From: Overland Express

Comments: The Victoria Amp Company is primarily known for making totally faithful replicas of the Fender amplifiers of the 1950s. These amps were covered with a patterned tweed like cloth, and so the amps have come to be known as "Tweed" amps.

This example, a 20112, is a replica of what is informally called a "Tweed Deluxe". The original was produced between 1955-60. It is a very basic design, featuring only a volume control for each channel and one tone control. It is a small-ish amp, putting out 18-20 watts from 2 6V6 power tubes.

In this amp I have a real, early 1960's Jensen P12R, which was the original type of speaker put in the Deluxe. Since one of these speakers cannot really handle the rated output power, I've added a matching 1x12 cabinet with a matching P12R.