1997 Mesa Boogie Mark IV

Maker: Mesa Boogie

Bought From: eBay

Comments: I bought this off eBay in May of 2001. In many ways, this amp is the opposite of the Twin Reverb. While the Twin Reverb is a "one-trick-pony", which basically can do only one thing (though superbly well), this amplifier can do almost anything. It can go from clean to crunchy to downright wild. Even the power amp is very adjustable, accomodating many different tube combinations and settings. It seems to have more controls than the space shuttle, and really takes somes time and patience to dial in. It can be used at quite low volumes for practice, but boy, can it be LOUD. Yoikes.

The cabinet under the Mark IV is a closed-back, ported, 1-12" enclosure with an Electro-Voice EVM-12L speaker (same as in the Mark IV combo). I also bought this off eBay. Closed back cabinets have a slightly tighter sound than an open back enclosure like the combo itself.

The stomp box on top is my late seventies vintage Mutron Phasor.